Family Friends

While looking through some pictures tonight I came across a few that I wanted to share.

These pictures were all taken a little over 50 years ago in Iowa, and are of my Grandparents and their friends.

1960's - Iowa Winter Styles - Grandpa and Grandma - Frytown, Iowa

We start with a picture of my Grandpa and Grandma. I like the stylish look of the tilted hat. They were all ready for cold winter days in Iowa.

Funny Picture - Family Friend - Four Legs - Humor - Iowa

Next up is one of my favorite pictures from the family archive. Here we see a couple who were one of my grandparent’s closest friends. Or at least we see the feet of both of them.

Most of the children of this couple were at my Parent’s Golden Anniversary celebration. Our families have stayed in touch through the years.

Preacher Man - Camp Keomah - Red Sweater - Memories - Family Friends

And finally another of my favorite pictures. Here we have another family friend who was also a preacher like my Grandpa. The picture was taken at a Bible Camp in Iowa.

I really like the red sweater and the Bible tucked under his arm. He definitely looks like a preacher. He was also a poet and I have several books of his poetry.

It is wonderful to extend the family friendships that my grandparents had. We are still in touch with each other even though we are scattered throughout the country.




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11 Responses to Family Friends

  1. gpcox says:

    It’s great that the families continued to stay in touch. I have a similar situation and it makes me feel as though my parents, etc. are still there with us.

  2. Sheryl says:

    Old pictures are so much fun. I do like the stylish tilt of your grandfather’s hat. He looks very dapper.

  3. I love these old photos! Makes me feel we could easily be cousins. We are definitely connected through culture. Any chance you will be sharing any of the poetry of your Grandpa’s preacher friend?

  4. Glenda McDougal says:

    Where is the lady and her body? I only see feet?

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