Spring has Sprung

Finally, the First Day of Spring is here. Today is the Vernal Equinox where we have equal amounts of daytime and nighttime. Tomorrow we will have more daytime than  nighttime.

This will not be the case for me today as my day will be a longer day and tomorrow will be a much shorter day as I cross the International Date Line during my flight. No equal amounts of sunshine and darkness for me.

Of course, the Signs of Spring are all around.

Yellow Rose, Spring Rose, Beautiful Rose, Fragrant RoseHere is a picture that I took yesterday of one of my rose blooms. This rose is also very fragrant and I really enjoyed the smell of spring.

I can just imagine what my rose bushes are going to look like in another week. They all have a lot of buds and they should be very colorful.

Tree in Spring, Leaves Appearing, Green Leaves, Spring LeavesIn the last couple of weeks the trees have been turning green again, but at the same time releasing a lot of pollen. This is the time of year when I have a lot of allergy problems.

Small Tree, Volunteer Tree, Spring Leaves, First Day of SpringHere is the smaller tree in my backyard. You can see that it already has a lot of leaves on it. The tree is currently about  the same height as I am, but I am sure that by mid-summer that it will tower over me.

It has really been Greening Up over the last couple weeks.

Now for a quick breakfast before the long drive to the airport for a very long flight.





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