Greening Up

Spring is still a few days away, but it is already greening up. Of course, it is the rainy season here and has been for quite some time.

However, since it is St. Patrick’s Day and I am thinking about green, this is where my mind wandered tonight.
Leaves, Spring, New Leaves, Greening up

This weekend I was doing Yard Work and decided that I needed to take pictures of all the green that is starting to appear.

I love the look of new leaves appearing on a tree. This is on a small tree that I have in my backyard so it was easy to take a picture of the top of the tree.

Green Leaves, Small tree, Spring Foilage, Springtime, Green grassHere are some more leaves on the tree. There are also some small fibers that have been snagged by the branch that make for an interesting contrast. I also like the very green grass in the background.

Tree, Spring Growth, Green Leaves, First Leaves, SpringHere are even more leaves appearing on the tree. It is really starting to take off. By the end of the year, this branch will probably be gone from the tree. As the tree grows skyward I will be cutting off the lower branches. For now though it needs as many branches as possible for root development.

Backyard, Yard Work, Green Grass, Spring GreeningYou can see that the grass in my back yard is very green. If you look closely you might be able to see the tree that is represented by the pictures above. In a couple of months it should be very noticeable.

You can see a picture of it from November if you visit my post Yard Work III. At that time the grass was also very green, but the trees did not have any leaves.

Front Yard, Rose Bushes, spring greening, springtime, RosesMoving to the front yard you can see that my rose bushes are rapidly growing. I even have a few blooms on them.

Rose Bushes, Spring Roses, Greening Up, FloribundaHere is my nice yellow floribunda rose. You can see one bloom peeking through the leaves and there are many more that are ready to open. There is also another rose bush just beside this one, but it is pretty much overshadowed. It is a pink floribunda. Not my favorite rose, but still very pretty.

Is it greening up where you are?

Are you excited for spring later this week?








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