First Day of Spring

Today was the first day of spring. It hardly seems that today is the first day, as it has felt like spring for more than a month now. We usually get an early spring in California. Spring was also in full force during my trip to Mexico City the last couple weeks, and I am sure that I will see the beginnings of spring over the next two weeks in Seoul.

Here is a picture from a couple weeks ago of my neighbors tree.

Pink Blossoms - Spring - Tree in Bloom - Pink Tree in Bloom

The blossoms are now gone and the tree is in full of leaves.

I also saw some nice white blossoms on Sunday on my way home from church services.

White Blossoms - Spring Trees - Pear Tree Blossoms - California Spring

With the trees blossoming, you sometimes think that you are driving by snow covered trees. Only it is much warmer and of course those allergies.

A couple weeks ago I drove down I-5 through an area where there are a lot of Almond orchards. There was a sea of white as far as you could see in some areas. This week the green hills were studded with patches of orange California Poppies.

The tree in my back yard is a bit behind.

Spring Leaves - First leaves of Spring - Silouettes - Blue Sky

I am hoping that in two weeks when I return home from my next trip that it will be covered with leaves and that it will also be starting to blossom. I will then know if it will have pink or white blossoms.

On Monday in my post, Old Blue Monday, I shared pictures of my first two roses of the year.

Yellow Rose Bud - Cane Rose - First Rose of Season - Small Rose

Here is another picture of the bud that is growing directly out of one of the large canes. I have not seen a rose bud grown directly out of the base of a cane like this before, so it is very interesting. The rose is of course beautiful. I am hoping that it will open further by Friday so that I can get a picture of it in full bloom.

I hope that spring is on the way where you live.



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11 Responses to First Day of Spring

  1. lylekrahn says:

    That’s definitely spring.

  2. ljhlaura says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  3. Boomdeeadda says:

    WOWie Kazowie those pink trees are gorgeous….no colour here, unless you can count white.

  4. Glenda McDougal says:

    Your pictures are gorgeous! Our Spring has been here in Arkansas, but left. Nights are back down in the 30’s

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