Applying the Packing Formula

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about The Packing Formula.

My packing for trips is mostly formulaic. I just have to adjust the inputs.

This trip is a little shorter than usual, so it affects the formula in an interesting way. I will usually over pack on a shorter trip as I need to make sure I fill up my suitcase. It is not that I pack things I don’t need, it is that I will sometimes dress down in the evenings instead of wearing my work clothes all day.

Clifford the Big Red Suitecase, Packing Formula, How to Pack a SuitcaseI am about ready to start filling up Clifford the Big Red Suitcase. What? You don’t have a name for your suitcase? You must not travel very much.

Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone - Shanghai, China - Pudong - Entryway - Shanghai Derby - TransportationOn this trip I am off to Shanghai to teach a one week course. I will most likely not spend much time in traffic as the course will be at the hotel I am staying at. That is good as I affectionately call traffic there The Shanghai Derby.

Yuyuan Garden - Night Picture at Yuyuan - ShanghaiI am hoping that at least one night we will go to the city center and visit the Yuyuan Gardens and Nanjing Road. I am hoping to get another taste of the best dumplings I have ever had.

You can see a night picture from Nanjing Road by clicking on Shanghai Nights.

Whole Fish - Chinese Food - Food Presentation - Sweet and Sour FishOf course, I am also looking forward to the good food in Shanghai. I also like the way that food is presented in China, especially when they put The Whole Fish on the plate.

There is a good chance that I will not be able to post during the trip. During my last trip to Shanghai I had to go On Hiatus as I had difficulty accessing wordpress during the trip. Maybe it will be better this time.

Now to finish packing!



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One Response to Applying the Packing Formula

  1. Mom says:

    Pray for the zipper on my carry-on this afternoon…it’s…well, let’s say it is in for a durability and strength test 🙂

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