Vernal Equinox

March 20 is the vernal equinox or the First Day of Spring.

Latin – ver = spring

The day is also known as the spring equinox, March equinox or northward equinox. However, you need to pay attention to what hemisphere you are in. For my friends in Australia today is the autumnal equinox.

Latin – autumnus = fall

The northward equinox is the same for both hemispheres as the sun is moving northward.

So, to celebrate the first day of spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, here are a few flower pictures I have taken in the past few days.

Spring Iris - First Day of Spring - Vernal Equinox - Northward Equinox - SpringI took this picture just a few hours ago at a friends house. The Iris are so beautiful and really make it feel like spring.

You can see a picture of the same Iris from about 10 days ago in my post: Sunday BBQ

California Poppy - Spring in California - First Day of Spring - Orange PoppyHere we have a beautiful California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica). I took this picture on Sunday. In spring we always see many of these beautiful poppies in California. It is our State Flower.

You can find out more about them by visiting my post: California Poppy

Flowering Tree - Purple Robe Locust - Robinia ambigua or Idaho LocustHere is a picture I took on Monday of the Purple Robe Locust tree in my front yard. The tree is also know as Robinia ambigua or Idaho Locust. The tree is just beginning to bloom.

You can see a picture of the tree in full bloom in my post: Home to Spring

Spring Roses - Orange Rose Bud - Spring Buds - Roses - FloribundaMy first rose blooms of the year are also slowly opening. This picture was taken on Monday. This morning it is open just a bit more, but I did not have time to take a picture.

I really like this bush as the buds will sometimes be a darker orange color before opening up into beautiful yellow blooms.

St. Patrick Rose Buds - St. Patrick Hybrid Tea - Rose Buds - Spring BudsThe buds on my St. Patrick hybrid tea rose bush are also starting to open. I really like the way that they have a green color as buds before opening up in a greenish yellow bloom.

The St. Patrick rose bush is the star of my post: November Roses

I hope that you enjoyed these spring flowers.

Welcome to spring!






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7 Responses to Vernal Equinox

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Love everything popping out in the spring …

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