Tonight we had a special team dinner to celebrate the work we have been doing this week. Our dinner this evening was Shabu-Shabu. We had a lovely dinner and really enjoyed the cultural experience.

Tonight my post will be mostly pictures as there are many steps to a Shabu-Shabu meal.

Shabu-Shabu - Japanese Food - Condiments - Small boxesI will start with a picture of the small little containers that contained some of the condiments that we would use during the meal. A Japanese meal can be a very visual experience as you will see.

Japanese Salad - Fish Rose - Small Dishes - Japanese CuisineWe started with a small salad that was served in a small cup. The salad was very beautiful and also tasted great.

Starter at Shabu-Shabu - Japanese Cuisine - Beautiful plating - Eat with your eyesWe then had a trio of items that were very delicious. The tastes and textures were very diverse on this plate and they were beautifully plated. You definitely eat with your eyes sometimes.

Sashimi - Raw Fish - Shabu-Shabu - WasabiThen we had a small plate of Sashimi. The fish had a wonderful taste and I loved the kick from the wasabi.

Shabu-Shabu - Vegetables - Mushrooms - Japanese CuisineNext up was the actual Shabu-Shabu which is cooked in a hot pot filled with broth. Above we see the vegetables that will be cooked. There are several types of mushrooms, vegetables and noodles.

Thinly Sliced Meat - Shabu-Shabu - Japanese CuisineHere is the meat that will be cooked. The meat is very thinly slice beef.

Hot Pot - Shabu-Shabu - Japanese cuisineThe hot pot is filled with a very hot broth and the meat and vegetables cook very rapidly. The name Shabu-Shabu comes from the sound that is made when the items are swished through the broth as they are cooked.

Shabu-Shabu Meat - Goma SauceThe meat is dropped into the hot pot and swished back and forth a few times and is then placed in goma or sesames seed sauce.

Shabu-Shabu - Vegetables - Mushrooms - PonzuHere are the vegetables and mushrooms that are put in a bowl of ponzu sauce.

Shabu-Shabu - Noodles - Wide Noodles - Japanese CusineThe last item to go into the hot pot were some large noodles. They picked up the flavor of the other items that were cooked in the broth and were very delicious.

Cherry Blossom Ice Cream - Shabu-Shabu - Ice CreamThe last item in the meal was a simple scoop of Cherry Blossom Ice Cream. The ice cream was beautifully served in a small blue bowl. There is often beauty in simplicity.

We had a wonderful dinner and thankfully took a nice long walk after dinner to burn off a few of the calories.



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10 Responses to Shabu-Shabu

  1. Pleasing to the eye and the palate! Looks good.

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Beautiful eatery. Seems like an abundant amount …

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