Olympic Food Thoughts

With the Olympics in Japan I have been thinking about some of the great Japanese food I have eaten.

There is so much to pick from, but will share some of my favorites.

okonomiyaki, savory pancake, osaka, japanese foodHere is a meal I had in Osaka a couple year ago. Okonomiyaki are savory pancakes. These were really good. They are sprinkled with bonito flakes which are moved around by the steam coming off the pancakes. It was quite interesting.

CoCo Curry House, Ichibanya, Ton Katsu, Rice, Curry, Japanese CuisineI can’t write a post about Japanese food without sharing a picture from one of my favorite places to eat at when I visit our office in Tokyo. I will usually have several meals at The Curry House during my trip. Unfortunately, they have closed this location so I may not get to have this on my next trip to Tokyo.

udon noodles, tempura, Japanese Food, Cuisine This was a wonderful meal of udon noodles and tempura. Good for a light meal after a long day at a customer.

Soba Noodles, Soba Soup, Noodles, slurping noodlesHere is a meal with Soba noodles. Click on Slurping Soba for more pictures and information about this meal. Do you know why the Japanese slurp their noodles?

Starter at Shabu-Shabu - Japanese Cuisine - Beautiful plating - Eat with your eyesIn Japan you often see beautifully plated food. Visit my post Shabu-Shabu for more pictures of this wonderful meal. I went to this dinner with my team members when we were in Tokyo for a medical conference. The dinner was not only beautiful but also delicious.

Now I am hungry.


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