Tokyo Memories

This afternoon I have been thinking of a trip that I took to Tokyo seven years ago.

The trip was not a training trip, but instead was to provide technical support for a conference.

Cherry Blossoms - Japan - Traditions - Cherry Blossom Viewing - TokyoI was lucky that the conference was scheduled right at the height of the cherry blossom season. I have now been in Japan several times when they have been in bloom.

It was interesting to see the people celebrating under the beautiful trees full of blossoms.

Taiko - Bachi - kumi-daiko - Japanese drumsThe opening ceremonies for the conference included a kumi-daiko performance. Kumi-daiko is performed on different drums or taiko.

Taiko - Kumi-daiko - Japanese drumming - drum performanceThe term taiko refers to a wide range of percussion instruments.

Starter at Shabu-Shabu - Japanese Cuisine - Beautiful plating - Eat with your eyesDuring the conference we had a special team dinner to celebrate our accomplishments during the week. We had a lovely Shabu-Shabu dinner and really enjoyed the cultural experience. Click on the link for pictures from the entire meal.

Ueno, Japan - Cherry Blossoms - Japan - Blossoms - Beautiful Cherry BlossomsAfter the conference I was able to spend Sunday with one of my Japanese colleagues and his family. We made a trip to Ueno to see more of the cherry blossoms. Then on Monday I visited our Tokyo office for some service and training meetings.

Welcome Aboard - United 787 Entertainment system - Boeing 787Another memory from the trip was the flight home, as it was my first flight on a 787 Dreamliner. See: First 787 Flight

Many more memories of the trip have wandered through my mind today. I also have some other wonderful memories of working on the project we were there for.



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