National Ice Cream Day

Today was National Ice Cream Day, which comes around on every 3rd Sunday of July.

I am just back from a long walk of about 3-4 miles and am rewarding myself with a small dish of vanilla ice cream.

Ice Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, Dessert, DinnerMy favorite way to have ice cream is simply a couple scoops of vanilla.

ice cream, Strawberries, United Airlines, DessertWell, maybe with some nice fresh strawberries.

Apple Pie, Ice Cream, Dessert, ThanksgivingOr, perhaps with a nice slice of apple pie.

Apricot Ice Cream, Two Scoops in a Cup, Patterson, California, Apricot FiestaApricot ice cream is also nice, especially on a hot day at the Apricot Fiesta in Patterson.

Taipei, Taiwan, Ice Cream cone, Snack FoodIce cream cones are nice, but I really do prefer mine in a dish as I can then have it melt a bit.

My family has a long history with ice cream cones. My great grandmother had her first ice cream cone 113 years ago at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904 in St. Louis. The exposition is better known as the St. Louis World’s Fair.

See my post: 110 Years of Ice Cream Cones

Cherry Blossom Ice Cream - Shabu-Shabu - Ice CreamOK, one more image. This is Cherry Blossom Ice Cream that I had in Tokyo, Japan. See my post: Shabu-Shabu

Now for some sleep before a long week of work.

Did you have ice cream today?


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