Fish Hot Pot

This evening I went out with my students for Fish Hot Pot.

Earlier this year I went out with another class in Shanghai for Hot Pot, but this place was definitely a bit different.

Original Flavor, Shanghai, Fish Hot PotThe Chinese characters on the sign for the restaurant translate to “Pure Taste Grouper Fish House” with my Google Translate app. I am not sure exactly what the name of the restaurant is.

Hot pot, broth, fish hot pot, grouper fish, shanghai

You may know that hot pot is a style of food where you cook food in a hot pot of broth or stock. In this case we each had an individual pot.

Heat Source, Hot Pot, Grouper Fish Hot Pot, ShanghaiEach of the hot pots had a small heat source to heat up the broth.

Thin sliced fish, grouper fish, fish hot pot

The main course was thinly sliced grouper. The slices of fish are so thin that you can see through them when they are stretched out on the plates they are delivered on.

Fish Slice, Grouper, Fish Hot Pot, ShanghaiHere you can see one of the slices held up with chopsticks.  You can see how thin the slice is.

You pick up the slice of fish with chopsticks and then drop it in the broth and let it quickly cook. You swish it around in the broth using a very similar technique to Shabu-Shabu.

Cooked fish slice, grouper fish, fish hot pot, Shanghai, brothHere is what the fish slice looks like after it is cooked. It cooks very fast since it is thinly sliced.

The fish is delicious and you also get a little crunch factor from the bit of skin.

You also cook other fish and seafood in the hot pot and also have different side dishes along with the meal. I may share pictures of some of them in a future post.

However, for now you only get a look at the main course.

Definitely a new food experience for me tonight.

Have you had fish hot pot?


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