Virtual Hike to Verona, New York

The next destination on my Virtual Hike was Verona, New York where my Braman and Pomeroy ancestors came together in the early 1800’s.

verona new york, cape vincent, braman familyThis segment of the Virtual Hike started in Cape Vincent, New York where my Darling and Hotchkiss ancestors lived in 1850.

The route goes between two waterways. The St. Lawrence River where it enters Lake Ontario and the Erie Canal which is just north of Verona.

erie canal, verona new york, history, waterwayHere you see a portion of the Erie Canal as it nears Oneida Lake.

Erie Canal, Lock, New York, TransportationHere is the lock on the Erie Canal just north or Verona. The virtual hike route passes over here as there are very few places to cross over the Erie Canal in this area.

map, verona ny, erie canal, Oneida lakeVerona is where the red X is in this satellite image. To the north you can see the Erie Canal cut across and enter Oneida Lake.

The Erie Canal did not open until the early 1820’s so it was not the Erie Canal that brought my ancestors to Verona.

My 5th great grandparents Oliver Pomeroy and Polly Day married in Oneida County in about 1800. Oliver died in 1805 and Polly remarried to Gideon Todd.

verona new york, cemetery, Oliver Pomeroy, Polly DayOliver is buried in the Verona Cemetery.

Mercy Pomeroy, the daughter of Oliver and Polly, was married to Orsamus Braman in Verona in about 1819. They lived there for awhile before moving on the Dunkirk, New York. See: Virtual Hike to Dunkirk, New York

Polly and Gideon Day stayed in Oneida County living in nearby Vernon where she died in 1855.

I am still way behind on documenting my Virtual Hike. I actually made it to Verona back in April. However, starting in March the distance I have walked each day has been much less. I actually need to check and make sure that I can reach my goal of arriving at a certain place by November 21.

The next stop is also in New York and is another place where my Braman ancestors lived.

Now to get a few more steps before the end of the day. I don’t quite have my mile for the day.




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