Roots Less Traveled

This afternoon I discovered a Genealogy show that I hadn’t seen before. I am not sure how I missed it, but it has a neat format.

roots less traveled, ancestry, NBC, geneaologyThe show is called Roots Less Traveled and is sponsored by The show aired on NBC and had eight episodes in the season.

I like the twist on the phrase and the logo for the show.

In the show two family members take to the road along with Faruq Tauheed to visit where some of their ancestors lived and to learn more about them.

I got to thinking about what would interest them in my ancestry if I was on the show.

I then started to realize that in a way what I have been doing with my Virtual Hike is a similar virtual version of the show.

I have been virtually visiting some of the places where my ancestors lived as I virtually hike across the country.

The Merc, Mercantile, Kenton, Oklahoma, John DuncanIn the beginning of my Virtual Hike many of the places did not have any family connections. However as I made it to the central part of the country I started to focus on places where family had lived.

The first example was Kenton, Oklahoma where some of my Grandma’s cousins lived.

See: Virtual Hike to Kenton, Oklahoma

Cochran, Hays, Kansas, Tomb StoneAs I made it to Hays, Kansas I really started thinking about how I should center on family places as I crossed the country and I started to do more research about the ancestors that lived at different places along the way.

Migration, East to West, Rowe FamilyNot long after virtually visiting Hays, Kansas I wrote the post A Virtual Hike Idea and started planning my route. I have made some deviations from this route to include other family branches, but will soon be writing about the arrival in New Milford.Death Notice, Lorenzo Dow Cochran, Hays Kansas, Harvester

Often after visiting a spot on the Virtual Hike I have also been prompted to do even more research. An example is a follow-up post to the Hays stop titled Cochran Clippings Found.

verona new york, cape vincent, braman familyI have even been doing more research about the last stop in Verona, New York and already have more things I want to write about. One of my ancestors who lived there died in a local Typhus epidemic, and I have also found some interesting family connections.

Even though I am nearing the end of what I had planned the Virtual Hike will most likely continue with an emphasis on places where my ancestors lived.

Now to get a few more steps down the virtual road before bedtime. Unfortunately the air is too unhealthy to go for a long walk outside.



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