Virtual Hike to Cape Vincent, New York

The next destination on my Virtual Hike was Cape Vincent, New York where my Darling and Hotchkiss ancestors were living in 1850.

rochester, virtual hike, New York, Cape VincentThis segment of the Virtual Hike started in Rochester, New York where my 3rd Great Grandfather Jeremiah Rowe may have lived in 1840.

The route follows Lake Ontario up to where the St. Lawrence River flows out of the lake.

virtual hike, shore, lake ontario, New yorkMost of the route is not too close to the shore, but there are a few places where you can see Lake Ontario in the distance.

darling, hotchkiss, cape vincent, new york, genealogy, census 1850Here you can see my 3rd great grandfather David Darling in the 1850 Census in Cape Vincent.

Also on this same page is my 2nd great grandparents Benjamin Hotchkiss and Jane Darling. They are living right beside her parents.

David Darling, Census, Agriculture Schedule,Cape Vincent, NYThey were actually living a bit east of Cape Vincent, but still in Cape Vincent Township. For more information on the Darling farm and Cape Vincent visit my post: A Darling New York Farm

1850 census, family history, cape vincent, new york, abbey familyAlso living close by in Clayton Township is Daniel Abbey and Susanna Hotchkiss. Currently Susanna is the only sibling I have found for Benjamin Hotchkiss.

The Abbey family stayed in Jefferson County and the Darling and Hotchkiss families moved on to Iowa with a short stop in Michigan along the way.

I am still way behind on documenting my Virtual Hike. I actually made it to Cape Vincent back in February. However, starting in March the distance I have walked each day has been much less. I actually need to check and make sure that I can reach my goal of arriving at a certain place by November 21.

The next two stops are also in New York and are places where my Braman ancestors lived.

Now to get a few more steps before the end of the day. I barely have my mile for the day.




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