A Missing Newspaper

When pruning my roses last weekend I came across a missing newspaper. When I don’t have a newspaper in the morning, I usually will look all over for it. I also check my roses bushes so I was surprised to find a newspaper inside one of them.

Pruning roses, floribunda, yellow rosesThe rose bush that the paper was in is a large floribunda that is very dense. The picture here is after the first phase of pruning was completed. The first phase is always to cut off the longest canes so that I have access to do the detailed pruning.

Newspaper in rose bush, Misdelivered paper, rose bushes, pruningHere you can see the newspaper nestled in the center of the rose bush.

Misdelivered newspaper, pruning surprise, rose pruningLuckily the paper was in good enough shape that I could see the date. The paper was delivered all the way back in May and would have gotten wet many times from the sprinkler system and the recent rains.

The paper was in pretty bad shape on the bottom though and it went directly to the recycle bin as it was too fragile to try and open up and read. Of course, the news was no longer new.

I looked to see if I had written anything about a misdelivered paper at that time, as there was a time earlier in the year when I didn’t get a paper for awhile. I found however at this time I had written about my roses and had been paying close attention to them. How did I miss the newspaper in the rose bushes?

I wrote two posts about my rose bushes in the following week and for the second post I was really looking at my rose bushes for ladybugs:

Time for Ladybugs

Flora and Fauna XI – Ladybugs

Second phase pruning, phased pruning, rose bushes, floribundaHere you can see the rose bush at the end of the second phase of pruning. For this rose bush I leave quite a bit of structure as I like to have a very large bush as it starts to grow again. This floribunda is full of beautiful yellow roses each year.

There will be a third phase of the pruning. Once I start to see significant new growth I will cut out more of the dead areas of each of my bushes. It is hard to tell sometimes what is dead and what is not, so I usually wait until it is evident.

Yellow Roses, St. Patrick Roses, Post pruningSome of the blossoms from The Last Roses are still looking good. I now have the vase sitting on my piano bench which makes for a nice black background.

I had an interesting conversation with a neighbor a couple days ago. He was disappointed that I had cut back all of my big rose bushes as he had been enjoying the roses. He did not know that it is necessary to prune roses each year.

I am patiently waiting until I have rose blooms again. How long will I have to wait?



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