Lunar New Year

Tuesday is the Lunar New Year and I have been thinking of some of my friends and colleagues around the world who are celebrating this week.

Chinese New Year, Panda Express, Drink CupMost of the Asian countries celebrate the Lunar New Year. Here in the US we often call this the Chinese New Year, but it is also the New Year in other countries as well.

Of course, Chinese restaurants like Panda Express are going to call it the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Lanterns, Red Lanterns, Nanjing Road, HolidaysIn China you see many decorations leading up to the New Year. This was from a couple years ago when I was in Shanghai. See: Chinese New Year Decorations

You see a lot of red lanterns for New Year decorations.

Steamed Bread, Steamed Buns, Chinese Nickname, Food, Chinese FoodTonight on the way home from work I stopped at an Asian grocery store and picked up some 饅頭 (Mántou) which is the Chinese name for a type of steamed bread.

This is a special treat for me as my Chinese nickname is Mántou.

steamed bread, chinese bread, mantou, steamed bunsAfter using a steamer to warm up the bread I then like to pull the steamed bread apart in layers and eat it in small pieces.

Monday Tea, High Mountain Tea, Taiwan Tea, Yu Shan Tea, Jade MountainI also made a nice cup of oolong tea to have with my bread.

Tomorrow I plan on going to a Korean restaurant for a Lunar New Year Lunch. Last year I tried to go to one of my favorite Chinese restaurants, but it was packed. I must also remember to go to lunch early before the parking lot fills up at the shopping center full of Asian restaurants.

Happy Lunar New Year.


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