The Last Roses

On Saturday I finally just had to prune my last rose bush along with the last roses of the season. It is time to let the rose bushes have a restart.

Last roses of the season, rose bushes, St. Patrick, pruning, winter rosesOn Wednesday I had done the initial cut back of my other rose bushes, but just could not bring myself to cut back my St. Patrick that still had blooms. In fact, it was even hard on Saturday as you can see that there are still some nice blooms.

Rose Bloom, St. Patrick Rose, Yellow Rose, PruningHere I am cutting off one of the remaining blooms. I decided to save all the blooms and buds and take them inside to enjoy a little longer.

St. Patrick Roses, Green Roses, Green tinge, Last roses of the yearHere are some of the blooms and buds laying on the trunk of my car. They still look so pretty and it was really hard to cut them off of the bush. However, I just have to tell myself that the sooner I cut the roses back, the sooner I will have blooms again.

Rose Bush, Pruning, Winter PruningHere you can see the pruned rose bush. It is ready to start again as it begins another season of growth.

Yellow Roses, Vase, Last Roses of the yearThe last roses of the season are now in a vase in my living room. I have been enjoying them for the last few days and will just have to see how long they last. I know it won’t be too long, but I will enjoy them as long as I can.

It is nice to look up from a book and see the beautiful roses.


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3 Responses to The Last Roses

  1. Pat says:

    I know your pain of cutting back the last blooms. My husband and I have a yearly discussion as to whether he can cut back the perennials in our northern garden so they are all clean and neat before we head south for the winter. I know I will appreciate seeing the new growth in spring without last year’s dead foliage, but maybe we can leave them on just a few more days.

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