Santa Maria Cracker Barrel

The first California Cracker Barrel opened this week in Victorville, California. The second one in California will open sometime around May in Sacramento, and a third one has been approved in Santa Maria.

Santa Maria Cracker Barrel, California, New RestaurantsI had heard earlier rumors about a Cracker Barrel in Santa Maria so I have been watching for news. This week the Santa Maria planning commission issued a planned development permit to Cracker Barrel for a site at the corner of Bradley and Betteravia.

Santa Maria Cracker Barrel, Bradley, Betteravia Road, LowesThe site is just off of Hwy 101 so if you are heading up or down the coast between the Bay Area and LA it will be a good stopping point. Santa Maria is about two hours north of LA and about four hours south of the Bay Area.

This will be a good location for Cracker Barrel as Hwy 101 has a lot of tourist traffic.

Cracker Barrel, Old Country Store, St. Joseph, Missouri, Food FixThe drawings and plans for the Santa Maria location submitted to the planning commission look much like all the other Cracker Barrel’s, so here is what to expect 🙂

Cracker Barrel, Retail section, Old Country Store, Waiting for SeatingOf course, you will still get to shop while you wait to be seated.

Chicken Fried Chicken, Cracker Barrel, Old Country Store, Food FixThen it will be time for some good comfort food.

Santa Maria may be worth a road trip as it is not far from Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo  where I have some friends I haven’t visited for awhile.

California Cracker Barrel, First Locations, Victorville, Sacramento, Santa MariaBy this time next year, this should be the map of Cracker Barrel locations in California.

I have heard that the short term plan for California is for six locations. Where will the other three be?





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6 Responses to Santa Maria Cracker Barrel

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  2. Geri Jensen says:

    Please consider the ado Robles, ca. For a location. The Santa Maria location is one hr. From us. We have been to the restaurant many times in Florida. One of the best places and excellent food ever. We are in wine country and the tourists are constant. We do not have a family place to eat except Chili’s which no one likes. Thank you. Oh yes, there is plenty of land especially on Hwy. 101.

  3. Geri Jensen says:

    That was Paso Robles, Ca.

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