California Cracker Barrel Now Open

The first Cracker Barrel in California is now open. Technically as I write this it is not open as it officially opens on February 5. However, it has had a soft opening and by the time anyone reads this it will be February 5 🙂California Cracker Barrel, First California Cracker Barrel, Now Open

The Cracker Barrel website now lists the Victorville, Calfornia location as open.

Victorville, California, Cracker Barrel, First California Cracker BarrelHowever, if you click on the link it says that it is opening Feb. 5, 2018. In any case, now that the Victorville Cracker Barrel is now open California has been removed from the list of states that don’t have a Cracker Barrel.  Alaska, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington and Wyoming are now the only five states without a Cracker Barrel.

Victorville California, First California Cracker BarrelHere you can see on a map where the first California Cracker Barrel is located. I am sure it will get a lot of business from people on their way to and from Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Cracker Barrel, Victorville, California, Nostalgia, AntiquesI do not plan on making a road trip down to Victorville, but if for some reason I have to head to Southern California by car it might be tempting to make a detour.

California Cracker Barrel, 1000 Howe, Eden-Arcade, CaliforniaI am more excited about the second Cracker Barrel that will open in California. It will be on Howe Avenue in the Arden-Arcade area of Sacramento. It will only be a little more than an hour drive away and worthy of a road trip.

I did see in a news article that my distant cousins Ray and Wilma Yoder have already eaten at the Victorville Cracker Barrel during a VIP preview breakfast . They have eaten at every Cracker Barrel restaurant and plan to come back for the opening of the five other planned Cracker Barrel restaurants in California. I may need to do a bit of family networking and try and meet them at one of the openings.


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