Rocklin, California Cracker Barrel

Today the Sacramento area media outlets have been releasing articles about Cracker Barrel.

Cracker Barrel, Country Store, Travel Food, CaliforniaLast week it was announced that the Second California Cracker Barrel would be in the Sacramento area.

Rocklin California Cracker Barrel, California, Cracker Barrel, Sacramento, RenoThis week it was reported that the Rocklin Planning Commission has been asked to approve a development project that includes a Cracker Barrel. So, it looks like the second California Cracker Barrel will be in Rocklin.

Rocklin California Cracker Barrel, California, Cracker Barrel, Sacramento, RenoThe development will be near the Sierra College Blvd junction with Interstate 80. This will be a good location for Cracker Barrel as it is on the highly traveled route between Sacramento and Reno, Nevada.

Rocklin California Cracker Barrel, California, Cracker Barrel, Sacramento, RenoMy cousin Jeremy had suggested Roseville as the possible location and he was not far off. Rocklin is the next city to the east. Here you can see that Rocklin is on the route to Reno. In a way this mirrors the location of what will be the First Cracker Barrel in California.

California Cracker Barrel, Victorville, Los Angeles, Las VegasThe first Cracker Barrel in California will be in Victorville which is on the route from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. I expect that both of these locations will busy on the weekends as people head to and from the casinos in Nevada.

Now to find out where the third location will be 🙂

I suggest that they put one just outside of the Bay Area on the heavily traveled route to Southern California.


Update: The Rocklin location will not be the second California location. Perhaps there will be one there someday, but the second California location will be on Howe Ave in Sacramento. See: Cracker Barrel in California?

Update: April 11, 2019 – Ground has been broken on the Rocklin Cracker Barrel.

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