Throwback Thursday – Big Sis

Tonight I am thinking about my big sister so thought I would share some pictures of us together.

Play time, Dress up, Back porch, Big SisterI will start with one of my sister and I together on the back porch of the house we lived in on Addeline Road in Ottumwa, Iowa. This one is a bit embarrassing for me as she had dressed me up. However, that is just what big sisters do to their little unsuspecting brothers and mothers just happen to have the right timing to take a picture.

Big Doll, Brother and sister, pajamas, pjsThis picture brings back some memories. I remember these wonderful pajamas I had as a little boy. Especially the slick feet that allowed me to slide across the floor. My sister is holding on to her big doll and looking cute in her nightgown.

Siblings, Ottumwa, Iowa, dressed upHere we are all dressed up. It looks like my big sis forgot her shoes. Don’t we look so cute?

Aunt, niece and nephew, BridesmaidNow we go back a bit more in time to the black and white pictures. Here we are with our Aunt Edie at the wedding of a family friend.  We didn’t look too excited to be there 🙂

I am just thinking about the family friend. She is still married and I see posts from here quite often on Facebook.

Birthday Cake, 4th Birthday, KitchenHere we are celebrating my sister’s 4th birthday.

I am really loving this picture with the old refrigerator and the magnets that are out of reach. I am sure that they were put up high to keep me from playing with them 🙂

I love you Sis!!


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