Reformation Day 500

October 31 is Reformation Day. This year it is a special anniversary as it was 500 years ago that Luther posted his 95 Thesis on the doors of the Castle Church in Wittenberg.

Castle Church Wittenberg, Martin Luther, 95 theses, church doors, Mighty FortressIn Germany the holiday is usually only observed by Protestant states, but this year Reformationstag is being observed in all states since it is the 500th anniversary. This means that both of our main offices in Germany will be closed tomorrow.

St. Michael, Jena, Germany, Stadtkirche, Martin LutherEarlier this month I was in Jena, Germany and visited the Stadtkirche St. Michael. You can see a large banner on the end of the church building. You may even recognize the man that is on the banner.

Luther 2017, 500 years, Reformation Day, Martin Luther, Jena, GermanyThe banner is about the 500th anniversary and some of the events that took place this year.

Luther Original Grave Plate, St. Michael, Jena, Germany, Martin LutherInside the church building hangs what was to have been the grave plate for Martin Luther. Read more about this marker at: Luther’s Original Grave Plate

You can also see a picture of Luther’s grave in Wittenberg by clicking on Martin Luther’s Grave.

St. Michael, Jena Germany, Altar, Lutheran ChurchHere is a view of the altar of the church. You can tell here that Luther only started a reformation. Later in the evening after taking this picture I returned and attended an evening service. You can still see Catholic remnants in the Lutheran church worship.

Pulpit, St. Michael, Jena Germany, Luther Preached hereThis stone pulpit was installed in 1500 and Martin Luther preached from it at least twice in his eleven visits to Jena.

Tomorrow night I will most likely write some more about Reformation Day. Not sure what yet as I have several ideas wandering through my thoughts.



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