Martin Luther

Tonight I watched Martin Luther: The Idea that Changed the World on PBS. The two hour program followed the life of Martin Luther and how his ideas changed the world.

Of course this program set my mind wandering as I thought of some of the Luther related places I have visited in Germany.

Castle Church Wittenberg, Martin Luther, 95 theses, church doors, Mighty FortressI am sure that we will see many more programs about Martin Luther in the coming month as the 500th anniversary of the day he posted his 95 theses to the doors of the Castle Church approaches. I hope t0 visit Wittenberg again sometime next month.

Castle Church Wittenberg, Martin Luther, 95 theses, church doors, Mighty FortressHere are the current doors of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. See my post Castle Church Doors for more about them.

Wittenberg 360, Yadegar Asisi, Luther 1517, ReformationHere is a picture from the Wittenberg 1517 360 degree panorama by Yadegar Asisi that opened the day that I visited Wittenberg last year.  See: Wittenberg 360 Luther 1517

Wartburg - Eisenach, Germany - Martin Luther - Reformation DayI may also try and visit Wartburg where Martin Luther hid while translating the New Testament into German. There are many Luther sites across Germany, so I may be able to fit a few more in as well.

Martin Luther Gravestone, Jena, Germany, Original Gravestone, St. Michael's churchI will most likely visit the church in Jena where the original grave plate of Martin Luther ended up. See: Notable Jena Gravestones

Martin Luther Grave, Castle Church, Wittenberg, GermanyIf I go to the Castle Church in Wittenberg I will again see the actual grave of Martin Luther as well as a copy of the original grave plate. See my post Martin Luther’s Grave.

The program on PBS was very interesting and I learned a few things that I didn’t know, or maybe just forgot 🙂

There were a few little inaccuracies about the Separatist/Puritan movements in the program, but most people would not notice them. I have found that people tend to have difficulty understanding the differences between Puritans and Separatists (Pilgrims) and often lump them together. See my post Were the Pilgrims Puritans?

However, overall it was a good program that is very helpful for someone who does not know much about Martin Luther.

I am sure that they will probably show this again on PBS in the coming month, so if you did not catch it tonight watch for it when it is shown again. It is worth seeing.




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