Door Holidays

On Sunday many people around the world will celebrate two holidays that have a connection to doors.

Wittenberg 360, Yadegar Asisi, Luther 1517, ReformationOn October 31, 1517 Martin Luther posted his 95 Thesis to the doors of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. The original wooden doors were destroyed over 250 years ago by fire. The current doors are made of bronze and have hung there since 1858.

See: Wittenberg 360 Luther 1517

This event is considered the spark that ignited the Reformation Movement.

Castle Church Wittenberg, Martin Luther, 95 theses, church doors, Mighty FortressOne of the reminders I received about the holiday this week was the fact that some of our German offices are closed for Reformation Day, and others will be closed for another holiday.

What is the difference? Our offices in Jena are in the Protestant area of the country and they celebrate Reformation Day and our offices in Munich and Oberkochen are in the Catholic area that celebrates All Saint’s Day and All Souls Day.

Castle Church Pulpit, Wittenberg, Luthers GraveInside the Castle Church in Wittenberg is the grave of Martin Luther. He is buried not far from where he made his post on the doors of the church.

You can find out more by visiting my post: Martin Luther’s Grave

Wartburg - Eisenach, Germany - Martin Luther - Reformation DayI have written several posts about Martin Luther and the Reformation Movement. You can find links to some of these posts by visiting Reformation Day Posts.

Wittenberg Doors, Castle Church, Remormation MovementHere I am in front of the doors in Wittenberg. It was an interesting visit and I hope to go there again someday.

Today at work I saw people wearing costumes as they celebrate the other holiday on Sunday that has to do with doors.


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