Home from a Long Trip

This evening I arrived home from a long trip to Europe. I was gone for almost three weeks, which is a bit long for a business trip.

Cambridge Station, Train StationThe first stop on the trip was Cambridge, England. See: Sleepy Sunday Supper

University Ivy, Cambridge University, Red LeavesThe fall colors in Cambridge were beautiful and I enjoyed a Saturday of sightseeing before the next stop on the trip. See: A Walk Around Cambridge

London, Church of Christ, Sunday Morning, Church ServicesThat Sunday I traveled to London and was able to meet with the Church of Christ that meets near King’s Cross station before heading on to my hotel near Heathrow.

Regional Train, Jena Goschwitz, Train TravelMonday night found me in Jena, Germany after a long day of travel. See: Across to Germany

Jena park, circle, fall color, autumnThe fall color in Jena was also very beautiful, but it also rained almost every day. See: Autumn in Jena

Special platter, pork steak, fried potatoes, bacon, beansI had a lot of good food in Jena, and the initial weigh-in when I got home showed just a bit of a gain for the trip. I will have to get back walking each night, but I also need to be careful as we have very bad air quality right now with the fires in the area. We are being cautioned about outdoor exercise.

full row, united airlines, frequent flyer, plenty of roomAfter about 10 days in Jena it was time to head home.

Yesterday I wrote about what my schedule for today would be in A Long Travel Day Ahead.  The day went pretty much as scheduled although my train connection in Erfurt was a little tighter than I would have liked.

The flight home was not bad as I had an entire row of three seats to myself. I watched a few movies and got a bit of sleep.

Traffic was not fun though as it took me more than two hours to drive home from the airport.

Now for some sleep before a busy day in the office tomorrow.



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