Across to Germany

Today I traveled from London, England to Jena, Germany.

The trip took 1 bus, 1 plane and 3 trains.

I took a public bus from the hotel to the airport. I could have paid almost 5 pounds for the roving hotel shuttle bus, but the public bus was free.Heathrow Airport Lufthansa

I got to the airport and found that my flight was delayed, however it was delayed for less than an hour so not too bad. What was not so good was the surprise bag fee. I was booked on a fare where even though I am Star Alliance Gold it did not cover a checked bag.

Germany, ICE, Erfturt Germany

Once I landed in Germany I headed out to the long distance trains to take an ICE to Erfurt. In the picture above you see the ICE that I took to Erfurt. I like the reflection of the trees in the windows of the plane.

Regional Train, Jena Goschwitz, Train Travel

From Erfurt I took a regional train on to Jena.

Jena STreet Train, Tram, Rail TransportThen a short walk across to the street train platform for a ride up the hill a bit nearer to the hotel.

Fountain in rain, Jena, LobedaOn my walk to the hotel I spotted this water play area that was still running despite the fine drizzle that was falling.

Maxx Hotel, Jena, GermanyAnd finally, the hotel.

I am now battling intermittent internet, so hope that this will get posted. Update: I had to go down the hall to get my pictures to upload. It is really interesting. I have a wifi repeater just outside my door, but have problems ????

Hopefully the internet will improve 🙂



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