Autumn in Jena

It is definitely Autumn here in Jena.

Autumn Color, Jena, Germany, Red LeavesHere was the view out my window this morning here in Jena. The trees are turning color and it is so beautiful.

My view is not the same tonight as I moved to a different room as a defective router was not allowing me to get stable internet access.

Jena park, circle, fall color, autumn

This view has always intrigued me on my trips here to Jena. I like the way that this sidewalk starts at a circular gateway. It is especially beautiful with the fall colors and the many leaves on the sidewalk.

Ivy Covered Building, fall ivy, autumn color

How do you make an apartment block beautiful? You let ivy climb up the walls. It is especially beautiful with the fall color of the leaves.

Kite, clouds, storm clouds, Jena, Germany

During an afternoon walk the sky was full of dark clouds that threatened rain. It was also a bit windy and people were flying kites.

Autumn Sunset in Jena, Germany, sunset

Of course a cloudy sky will often result in a beautiful sunset. This was only moments before showers moved in. Thankfully the showers did not last long and I was able to go out for dinner without getting wet.


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