On to London

Today I journeyed from Cambridge to London.

England, Trains, Station, Brick WallsI left Cambridge early this morning and took a train to King’s Cross station.

King's Cross, St. Pancreas, London Train STationsWhen I arrived at King’s Cross I set out across the street to pass through St. Pancreas station and on toward the British Library.London, Church of Christ, Sunday Morning, Church Services

My destination was the Ossulston Tenants Association Hall where the Church of Christ meets.

I enjoyed worshiping with the congregation and was then ready for the next leg of my journey.

Picadilly LIne, London Underground, TubeI then went back to King’s Cross station to take the Piccadilly line to Heathrow. The Piccadilly line splits when going west so I had to watch out for which train went all the way to the airport, so I had to pay attention.

I was soon on the way to Heathrow. However, as we got close we were told that everyone had to get of the train at the station before Heathrow. There was some explanation about not having enough trains and having to send ours back to the center of the city. In any case we had to wait about 10-15 minutes for the next train. Of course, we now had a very crowded train for the last bit.

Holiday Inn Ariel, Heathrow Airport, Small Hotel Room

After heading out to the bus station and finding the right one I was soon on my way to my hotel.

I was soon at the hotel and checked in to my little room. For more pictures from this hotel see my post: A Circular Hotel

When I turned on the TV I discovered why there were so many people wearing Saints and Dolphins shirts and sweaters at King’s Cross. There was an NFL game in London today. I laid down on the bed to watch a bit of the game and was soon asleep for a well needed nap.

Tomorrow I fly on to Germany and I look forward to spending time in one of my favorite cities.



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