Sleepy Sunday Supper

This evening I am very sleepy. It was a bit difficult even staying awake while having my supper.

SFO, United, 777, SFO - LHR

My weekend has been long, but short. I boarded a plane early Saturday evening in San Francisco.

Heathrow Airport, LHR, 777, UnitedIn the early afternoon on Sunday I landed in London at Heathrow.

London Underground, Tube, Heathrow Station, SubwayAfter a long wait in immigration it was time to pick up my suitcase and head to the London Underground for a trip to Kings Cross station.

Platform  9 3/4, Harry Potter, Kings Cross, Hogwarts ExpressI was catching a train from Platform 11 at Kings Cross, so had to walk by Platform 9 3/4 where students were heading off to Hogwarts.

They moved this platform, I like the old location better. Click on the link in the previous paragraph to see pictures from the old location.

Cambridge Station, Train StationAfter a long train ride I was making my Way Out of the station in Cambridge. After a short taxi ride I was at my hotel.

Fish and Chips, UK Food, England Food, Fish, Chips, PeasSo, what to have for supper? I went with a UK staple and ordered some Fish and Chips. I barely stayed awake to eat my supper.

Now after trying to watch a show on new discoveries about the pyramids in Egypt and sleeping through much of it I decided to write this quick post and go to sleep at a pretty much normal time.

Now for a quick check of football scores and then some sleep.


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