Samuel Johnson

If you used Google today you may have seen an interesting doodle.

Today was the 308th anniversary of the birth of Samuel Johnson.

Samuel Johnson, Google Doodle, DictionarySamuel Johnson is best known for his Dictionary of the English Language. There were earlier dictionaries, but Johnson’s became the standard.

Google Doodle, Samuel Johnson, Dictionary of the English LanguageIt took Johnson eight years to complete the dictionary. He had promised to finish it in only three years, but eight years was still a major accomplishment especially when you consider he did it all on his own.

Lexicographer, Dictionary, Samuel JohnsonAlthough remembered as a lexicographer for his dictionary Johnson was also a great writer. He wrote on different subjects and in different formats and also critiqued several works of Shakespeare.

Life of Johnson, Samuel Johnson, James BoswellYears ago I read The Life of Samuel Johnson by James Boswell. This work is considered one of the the greatest biographies in the English language. Boswell covers the life of Johnson in only 1400 pages. The book is full of interesting passages and is much quoted.

Samuel Johnson, Boswell, Life of JohnsonI have a copy here at home and will occasionally pick it up and read different sections.

I first read The Life of Samuel Johnson as it was on Mr. Hill’s Novel List.

Mr. Hill's Novel List - Reading List - English ClassThose of you who went to Ashland High School and had Mr. Hill as a teacher know all about this list.

For those of you who didn’t you can read about it at Mr. Hill’s Novel List.

Now to get back to reading the dictionary.



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