Virtual Hike to Pioche

I have reached the next destination in my virtual hike. In my post Virtual Hike to Tonopah I had announced that the next goal would be Pioche, Nevada. I had hoped to reach Pioche by the end of September, so I am a little bit ahead of my goal. At the end of the post I will give my next destination.

Pioche, Nevada, Tonopah, Virtual HikeHere is the route for the segment that I just completed.

Tonopah Nevada, Google Maps, street ViewMy start point was Tonopah, Nevada, which is a historic mining community.

Pioche, Nevada, Mining, Small Town, Mile HilePioche is near the Utah border and is the county seat of Lincoln County. However, that doesn’t mean that it is a large town. It only has about 1,000 inhabitants. I am very familiar with towns like this as where I went to high school is about the same size and also a county seat.

Here you can see the post office with a large valley and mountains behind it.

Valley, Utah, Pioche, High valleysPioche is at an altitude of a little over 6,000 feet and sits in a large valley surrounded by mountains. As I followed the route on Google Street View you had many beautiful views of the rugged landscape.

Utah, Google Street View, Mountains, Valleys, SkyHere is another view from along the way. For much of the way the street view was not available on Google maps as the walking directions take you along small roads and trails. However, where I could see the views they were sometimes spectacular.

The next destination in my virtual hike will be Escalante, Utah which will take me through Grand Staircase-Escalate National Monument. It is 189 miles so it is possible that I could reach it by the end of October. It all depends on how much walking I can get in while traveling in the next month.

Now on to Utah.


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