Pictures from a Walk

Tonight I will post some pictures I took during a walk about a week ago. Most of my walking is done at night, but now that the temperatures are dropping I am also doing a bit of walking before the sun goes down.

Tree lined sidewalks, walking, constuctionHere you see double sidewalks. I usually walk down one and back the other when I go this route. Of course, my view is usually much different as it is dark. If you look carefully you can see construction markers.

Intersection, construction, corral hollow, tracy, californiaThey are expanding a major road near my house from two lanes to three and also putting in some new utilities down the center of the road. I have to very careful navigating intersections as many people are impatient and not paying attention. Another good reason to walk at night. Not as much traffic 🙂

Construction, extra lane, walkingTo widen the road they took down a lot of large trees that were in the median. I don’t think there will be any room for them to replant when they are done. The heat island will definitely be a lot larger than what would have been added by the extra lanes.

tree lined street, tracy, california, heat island reductionIt is nice that so many of our streets are shaded by trees. This helps reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed by the streets during the day and then radiated at night. Do you ever wonder why it is usually a few degrees or more cooler in the country than in the city?

Railroad tracks, tracy, mt. diablo, california, sun settingOK, now my favorite picture for last. I really like this view down the railroad tracks. You can see Mt. Diablo in the distance and a nice stack of clouds. This is also a little shortcut that I often take to cross from one side of the street to the other. In fact, I used it tonight. It is close enough to the intersection that I can use my knowledge of how the traffic lights are programmed to safely cross.

I am glad that I have some good views where I walk.


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