Ready for the Weekend

This is definitely a week where I am ready for the weekend. Traffic has been bad for most of the week and I have been teaching a course that is in the beginning stages of development and launch. This all leads to a draining week.

So, tonight I will give a little recap of recent posts.

Byron Highway, Long Commute, Horrid Commute, Commute Bypass, Altamont WreckI will first mention my post from yesterday. Taking the Long Way Home was about how I used a much longer route to cut more than an hour off of a tangled commute nightmare.

The picture above is from the last leg of the trip home. Tonight the commute was better, but on a normal week it would have been a bad end to the week.

maximum coverage, Bay Area California Eclipse, Partial EclipseOf course, the big news of the week was the eclipse on Monday. I was able to get a few pictures of the eclipse, but was a bit disappointed in the results. Click on my post The Day of the Eclipse to learn more about my day on Monday. It is about more than just the short time of the eclipse, but questions about whether I would even see it and also a beautiful sunset picture I took at the end of the day.

Mount Diablo Sunset, Tracy, California, Great ValleyThe sunset picture that I took on Monday gave me the inspiration for my post on Wednesday about Valley Sunsets. Click on the link to see more beautiful sunsets.

tree lined street, tracy, california, heat island reductionLast Saturday I wrote a post titled Pictures from a Walk. The picture above is one of several pictures from the walk. One of the pictures is my favorite recent picture, so make sure you check out the post. See if you can tell which picture is my favorite.

Tonopah Nevada, Google Maps, street ViewI also wrote a post about my Virtual Hike to Tonopah. My virtual hike challenge has kept me motivated as I walk each day. I am already making good progress toward my next destination with another seven miles of walking today.

Unfortunately it is going to be a hot weekend with temps of 104 on Saturday and 105 on Sunday. Will I get up in time to do some yard work before it gets hot?


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