Virtual Hike to Tonopah

I have reached the next destination in my virtual hike. In my post Walking Update I had said that the next goal would be Tonopah, Nevada. I had hoped to reach Tonopah by the end of August, so am ahead of my goal. At the end of the post I will give my next destination.

Virtual Hike, Tonopah Nevada, Yosemite ValleyThis section of the virtual hike started in Yosemite Valley and went up and over the mountains, past Mono Lake and through the valleys of Nevada.

Tonopah, Nevada, Yosemite Valley, Virtual HikeHere you get a better sense of the topography of the hike. Of course, my walking is all done on pretty flat sidewalks, but it is fun to see what the areas are like where I am virtually walking.

Yosemite, Sierras, Mountains, hikingNear Yosemite in the early parts of the hike it was very scenic with mountains and beautiful vistas.

Across Nevada, US-6, valleys, long boring stretches of highwayA lot of the hike through Nevada was along stretches of endless flat highways, although there were hills and mountains in the distance. I remember a few times when we drove through Nevada when traveling from Kansas to California. A lot of long stretches of straight highways.

Tonopah Nevada, Google Maps, street ViewI took a virtual walk around Tonopah. The town has a population of about 2,500.

Tonopah was the “Queen of the Silver Camps” and well known for the Mizpah Mine. You can see in this picture that there is a Mizpah Hotel.

The town is also near the Tonopah Test Range which is one of the biggest employers in the area.

With my walk tonight I am already headed out of town toward the next virtual destination. I have decided that the next destination is Pioche, Nevada. It is about the right distance away for another month of walking. Now to see if I can walk that much before the end of September.

Can I stay motivated to keep walking?


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