Lazy Dog Dinner

Tonight I had a Lazy Dog Dinner.

Lazy Dog, Dublin, California, Dinner, DogsOur team dinner tonight was at the Lazy Dog Restaurant in Dublin. We sat in an outside seating area where they allow dogs to join the diners. One of our team members brought her dog.

Sweet Potato tator tots, appetizers, good foodWe started off with some appetizers which included some sweet potato tater tots. They were really good. We had some other appetizers, but this one was the star for me.

Chicken Pot Pie, Lazy Dog, dublinFor my meal I had the chicken pot pie. This looked so good when they brought it out to me.

Chicken Pot Pie, Lazy Dog, pastry, comfort foodThe chicken pot pie was good despite the large amount of mushrooms that I removed. However, I probably will not order it again if I visit Lazy Dog. I think that I will try something else. There are much better places to get a good chicken pot pie, and where it won’t have an inordinate amount of mushrooms.

Birthday Ice Cream, sprinkles, chocolateOf course that best part of the meal was getting to know my colleagues better and also having them singing Happy Birthday to me. They couldn’t use the full amount of candles without obtaining a fire permit ;-), but one was enough.

Now for some sleep before another early morning trek to the classroom.


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