National Hamburger Day

Today was National Hamburger Day.

First Hamburger - Clarinda, Iowa - Bert Gray - First Hamburger on BunOf course this made me think of a post that I wrote four years ago titled The First Hamburger.

Mr. Gray started serving hamburgers in his cafe in Clarinda, Iowa in 1901 or 1902.

Looking at the picture above, this is exactly the way I cook hamburgers.

Iron Skillet, Hamburger, Flat Top, National Hamburger DayI like to make my burgers in an iron skillet. Just prep the skillet with some cooking spray and heat it up.

Hamburgers, Prepared burger patties, iron skilletLet the skillet get good and hot before tossing the patties in and let them fry. Using preformed patties are convenient and for a basic burger they work just fine.

Basic Burger, National Burger Day, Ketchup, mustard, picklesFor Mr. Gray’s original burgers catsup and mustard were standard and he always had a bowl of chopped onions on the counter. I add a bit of mayo and some pickles, but other than that I stick to the original burger.

Baked Beans, pan drippings, beans, brown sugar, catsupI also used the pan drippings as a base for some baked beans. I just added some pork and beans, brown sugar, catsup, BBQ sauce and a few spices and let it reduce down. Yum!

Tomorrow on Memorial Day there will be a lot of hamburgers on the grill. A day late for National Hamburger Day, but a tradition.

I plan on heading to the cemetery tomorrow for the Memorial Day Observance.

Did you eat a hamburger today to celebrate National Hamburger day?



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