Birds and Bees

Tonight I will share a few pictures that I took on Sunday.

Barn Owl, Owl in Flight, Rodent control, Owl at OrchardI really like this picture of a Barn Owl (Tito alba pratincola) in flight. I will write more about this owl in an upcoming post as it has a very important job at the orchard.

For a close up picture of a Barn Owl, visit my Owls post.

Pigeon on a Pole, Electric Pole, BirdsHere we have a pigeon on a pole. I really like the silhouette of the bird and the wires attached to the pole.

This makes me think of another post. Sometimes it is hard to tell if birds from the Columbidae clade are Doves or Pigeons. This may have been a dove, but then you don’t have the nice ring of Pigeon on a Pole.

Almond Trees, Almond Blooms, White Blooms, February BloomsThe almond trees are already starting to blossom. When driving down I-5 on Sunday morning I looked out over acres of orchards that looked like fields of snow.

Here we have two almond trees blossoming and that means that the bees are active.

Almond Blossoms, Bees, Orchards, Honey, SpringHere is a closer look at the beautiful while almond blossoms. Here a bee is busy pollinating the blossoms.

As I walked toward the trees you could hear them buzzing from all the bees.

Bees, Blossoms, Honey Bees, Pollination, OrchardsHere is a closer look at a bee and a blossom. I really like the center of the blossoms. I was watching out for the bees, but they were too busy to take notice of me.

Later this year there will be honey and almonds to be harvested and enjoyed all because of the work of these little bees.



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5 Responses to Birds and Bees

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    Lovely capture of that bee in the final picture Steven! Your orchards are way ahead of ours this year by the way, almond buds just forming still. Not seen an owl ‘in flight’ before in broad daylight either.

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