Cambridge to Sheffield

Today I traveled from Cambridge to Sheffield for the next course I will be teaching.

Since I was staying at A New Hotel just by the Cambridge train station it was only a short walk to catch my first train.

Cambridge, UK, Train Station, TrainsI had to take two trains to get to Sheffield. The first train took me north to Ely which was only two stations away.

The Fens, Ely, Waterways, HouseboatsThe route to Ely was through the fens of eastern England. There are many waterways in this area that have been created as they drained the marshes over the last 400 years.

One of the waterways had a long line of houseboats anchored along the edge.

Ely, Train Station, train travel, UK trainsThe station at Ely was picturesque. I enjoyed the time waiting for the next train. However, they changed the platform just a few minutes before time to board and it was a mad dash down a ramp and up the other side.

Sheffield Train station, Midlands Trains, UK Train TravelHere is the train that I was on from Ely to Sheffield. The journey was just a little more than three hours. I enjoyed the scenery, but also made good progress on my book. It was also interesting observing my fellow passengers.

Sheffield Train Station, reflections, UK Train TravelI like the Sheffield train station with the sequence of arches. Even more interesting is the reflection in this pool of water. I may have to write another post sharing more pictures of the Sheffield station area.

This evening I spent some time walking around downtown Sheffield and have some nice pictures that I will share sometime soon.

Now to watch Sherlock on BBC One.


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