Long Travel Day to Cambridge

Yesterday I had a very long travel day to Cambridge. But, when did yesterday begin? I left home Tuesday morning and arrived on Wednesday afternoon. There was no clear transition to Wednesday as it happened sometime during the flight.

In any case, it was nice to sleep in a bed last night 🙂

San Francisco Airport, United, 777It was nice to fly on a 777 from SFO to LHR. I am tired of flying on 747’s that don’t have individual entertainment systems. I was able to watch Ben-Hur and then The Legend of Tarzan during the flight. Both were good movies.

Heathrow Airport, LHR, Airport Direction SignsOnce I made it to Heathrow it was time to find out where to go. Curbside pickup at Terminal 2 at Heathrow is not too simple. You have to go out to the Car park, but even then there is not a good designated place. I finally found my colleague and it was off to Cambridge.

Cuy Mill Hotel and Spa, Cambridge, England, StowAfter some meetings at the office it was off to the Quy Mill Hotel and Spa. Not the best location for me, but it is a nice hotel. All my students are staying at a hotel across the road from the office and I am 10+ minutes away by car.

Hotel view, Raceway, mill, Cuy Mill, CambridgeI have a beautiful view out of my window as I look down onto the mill race and there are some beautiful trees that are lit up at night.

Cuy Mill Cambridge, Stow, Undershot wheelJust below my room is the waterwheel for the mill. It is a undershot wheel. I had to ask to see this as it can only be seen in one of the function rooms. Fortunately the first week of January does not have a lot of meetings :-).

Now for a full day in the classroom.


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