Jena Research Reading

Next month I will be taking a trip to Jena, Germany.

Before the trip I am planning on reading or at least scanning through some of my books about Jena. I want to put together a plan for some of the pictures I want to take while I am there.

Jena, Gunther Prato, Christine, Jager, Picture BookThis book is a picture book with long descriptive captions. The photos are by Günther Prätor and text by Christine Jäger. Unfortunately for me the text is in German. It will be a good time to put my translator app to use and also brush up on my German before the trip.

The book was published in 1997, so it will be interesting to see some of the changes that have taken place in Jena since that time.

Jenaer Geister, Jena Germany, Jena PeopleThis book, Janaer Geister, is about different people in Jena throughout history. Many famous people either lived in or visited Jena, and yet Jena is a city that is almost unheard of in the US.

This book is also in German, as are most of my books about Jena.

Jena Germany, Historic City, Ruth F. KalliesJena: Ein historisher Stadtführer by Ruth F. Kallies is a history of the city of Jena. It is almost 300 pages of history and pictures. I want to learn more about some of the places I have visited in the past, so my Universal Translator will be busy with this book.

Carl Zeiss in Jena, Jena, Germany, Zeisswerks, History, TechnologyI always like looking through Carl Zeiss in Jena: 1846 bis 1946 as it has wonderful pictures from the first 100 years of the Carl Zeiss company.

I always enjoy learning more about the history of the company that I work for.

The book was compiled by Franz-Ferdinand von Falkenhausen, Ute Leonhardt, Otto Haueis and Wolfgang Wimmer.

There is currently a lot of interest in Zeiss history as this year marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of Carl Zeiss. See: 200th Birthday of Carl Zeiss

I have a lot of reading to do, and this is only a sample of the books that I have about Jena.


Here are a few posts with pictures of Jena.

Views of Jena

Views of Jena II

Jena after Dark



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