Views of Jena II

I am preparing for my next trip which will be to Jena, Germany.

Therefore I thought I would share a few more pictures from Jena.

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These are from the area around my hotel in Lobeda, which is in the southern part of the city.

Steigenber Maxx hotel, Jena Germany, TravelI will be staying at the Steigenberg Maxx Hotel. It may be an unfamiliar name for many of you, but it is a popular hotel chain in Germany. It will be a short walk to work everyday, hopefully it won’t rain much šŸ™‚

Hotel Room View, Jena Germany, Steigenberger Maxx, Gocshwitz, Lobeda, GermanyHere is the view from my hotel room when I stayed there in 2006. It is in a very beautiful setting.

Steigenberger Maxx, Lobeda, Germany, Jena, Scenic ViewHere is another view from the room. You can see an interesting bridge in the background of the picture. Would you like a closer look at the bridge?

One evening I took a walk down to the bridge.

Saale Valley, Saale River, E40, Jena GermanyDespite the graffiti at the base of the bridge this is a very scenic bridge.

The bridge carries traffic on the E40 over the Saale River and the Saale Valley. The river is very small in comparison to the valley, and is on the far end of the bridge. It goes through only one of these arches.

Highway Bridge Construction, Jena Germany, E40, Saale Valley, Saale RiverNow for the other side of the bridge. At that time a second bridge was under construction to increase the capacity of the E40. It will be interesting to see how it was finished and how it looks in comparison.

I am looking forward to visiting many places in Jena where I have not been for a long time. I definitely have a much better camera now and am looking forward to some better pictures.


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