Tokyo Reflections

Today was a day to relax. I spent most of the day napping or reading before taking off for a long walk in the afternoon.

Usually I am over jet lag by the time I make it to the weekend between courses, but with the short courses and flight delay I was still lagging today.

My walk took me around the perimeter of Edo Castle. This is a very popular running route and I saw hundreds of runners during my walk. The circuit around the castle is about five kilometers long. The sidewalk also has markers every 100 meters which makes it nice for a runner or walker.

Tokyo Reflections, Edo Castle Moat, Skyscraper ReflectionHere is a nice reflection of some of the downtown Tokyo buildings in the Edo Castle moat. The light was just right to get some nice reflection pictures.

Shadows and Reflections, Edo Castle, Gate, Moat, Tokyo, Reflection of ShadowThis was a very interesting picture. Here we have nice shadows and a reflection of the shadows in the moat. I was not expecting the reflection of the shadows in the moat and only discovered them when looking at the picture later. I had been focusing on the beautiful shadow on the moat wall.

Edo Castle, Stone Bridge, Seimon Ishibashi, Reflections, MoatIn this picture we can see one of the buildings of the Edo Castle. In front is a double arch stone bridge that is known as Seimon Ishibashi. This is one of two bridges that cross the moat.

I really like the  reflection in this picture, although it is not as distinct as the earlier pictures. However, with the direction the sun is shining this is a pretty good reflection.

Tatsumi-yagura, Edo Castle, Tokyo, Keep, Reflections, MoatHere is a reflection of Tatsumi-yaguara in the moat. I also like the reflections of the two modern buildings to the right in the picture. Here we have reflections of the old and new.

Tatsumi-yaguara is a two story keep and is the only one that is remaining from the Edo period.

This area of the moat has a lot of vegetation, so was surprised that I could get a nice reflection picture.

Tokyo Skyline, Sunset, Edo Castle, Tokyo, Tatsumi-yaguraThis is one of the sunset pictures that I took of Tatsumi-yagura. You may see some more of them in the future, as this is not my favorite. However, it is the one that had the most reflections in it and that is the theme of this post. Here you see reflections of the Tokyo skyline, Tatsumi-yagura, trees, the moat wall and also the sunset.

I hope that you enjoyed my Tokyo Reflections.

Which of these pictures is your favorite?




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8 Responses to Tokyo Reflections

  1. Your shadows picture looks rather like a boat!

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    The downtown Tokyo buildings in the Edo Castle moat is my favorite 🙂

  3. Yuna says:

    Beauties! I love the reflection with sunset the most. 🙂

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