More Bridges

Four years ago I wrote a post where I shared some of my favorite Bridge pictures.

Tonight I decided to share some more bridge pictures. These have all been used in posts before, so I will include a link to the post where they were used for each one.

Mossdale Bridge - San Joaquin River - Final Link in Transcontinental Railroad - Railroad Bridge - Reflections - Vertical Lift DrawbridgeThis is the Mossdale Bridge. Click on The Final Link? to find out why this was one of the final links to a transcontinental railway.

I really like this picture. It has such a great reflection of the bridge. This bridge is not far from where I live in California.

Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Point, Sunny Day, SailingOf course, everyone should be able to identify this bridge. However, you may not have seen the Golden Gate bridge from this vantage point.

Click on my post Fort Point and the Golden Gate for more information and pictures.

Bridge, Humber River, Rowentree Mill Park, TorontoHere is a much smaller bridge. This little bridge is in a park in Toronto. See my post: A Walk in the Park II

I really like this park, especially as it is near where my friends live in Toronto.

Gaoqiao, Song Dynasty, Shanghai, Bridge, Stone Bridge, ReflectionsIt took me awhile to pick out the last picture to share. I wrote the post Old Chinese Bridge at Night just last month, but since I really like this picture I decided to share it again.

I am looking forward to my next trip to Shanghai as I want to get more pictures of this bridge.

Click on Bridges to visit my post from four years ago.

Which of the bridges above is your favorite?


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  1. I like the night photo with them bridge reflection on the water.

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