The Jerusalem Ramparts

Today was a light day of sightseeing in the Old City of Jerusalem. We started the day with a walk before breakfast and then went on The Ramparts Walk which goes along the top of the city wall.

Jerusalem Ramparts Walk, Jerusalem, City Walls

Here is the ticket for the walk. We took the Southern Ramparts Walk that goes from the Jaffa Gate to near the Jerusalem Archaeological Park.

Ramparts Walk Entrance, Jerusalem, Walls of Old City

To start we had to climb up several flights of steps, including two circular flights.

Jerusalem Ramparts, Walls of Old City Jerusalem, Ramparts Walk

In many places we walked between two stone walls and the way was pretty tight. Luckily the walk is one way so we didn’t have to worry about people going in the opposite direction.

Jerusalem Ramparts Walk, City Gate Ruins, Jerusaelem

We could also see interesting things below the wall like this ruin of a previous gate into the city.

Embrasure, Gun Slits, Jerusalem Wall, Ramparts

It was also really cool to look through the embrasures along the way. Sometimes you had an interesting view of a building.

Temple Mount, Mount of Olives, Ramparts Walk

At the end of the walk we had a great view of the south end of the Temple Mount and the Mount Olives.

We went to many other places today, but those will be subjects of future posts. The wifi is being a bit unreliable tonight so I am keeping this brief.

Tomorrow we will worship on the roof of our hotel while overlooking the Temple Mount. We will then make a quick trip to the Temple Mount before heading off to the dig later in the morning.

My next post will come after I have been to Lachish again.



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3 Responses to The Jerusalem Ramparts

  1. vanbraman says:

    Today I was at the dig. The wifi is not working so no blog post today.

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