Team Dinner

This week I have been part of a team working on a project. Most of my team members came over from our offices in Germany, so tonight we went out for dinner to celebrate a successful visit.

Cattlemens steakhouse, steak, dinner, food, livermore, californiaWe decided to go to Cattlemens for a steak dinner.

I have been to Cattlemens many times over the years, and almost always with a group of people. I have never eaten there with less than three others.

Cattlemens, Livermore, California, Steak House, Steak DinnerI like the atmosphere of Cattlemens. It does remind me of a western steak house. The decor is definitely western and reminds me of my days growing up in the middle of cattle country.

Cattlemens light fixture, steak house, steak dinner, livermore, californiaThey have some interesting light fixtures at Cattlemens. They all have western images that of course bring back memories of when I was a cowboy working on a ranch.

Apps, Appetizers, Potato Skins, Loaded Potato Skins, Cattlemens, Livermore CaliforniaWe started out with some appetizers, including loaded potato skins. We also had some salad before the main course came out. We dished out our own salads and it didn’t look too pretty, so no picture here 🙂

Steak, Filet Mignon, Beef, Cattlemens, Livermore CaliforniaI ordered a filet mignon with a baked potato. I really enjoyed the baked potato. I have high expectations for a steak since I grew up in the middle of cattle country and also lived in another area where it is easy to get a good quality steak.

The steak was good, but was definitely not up to my expectations. I expected a steak that was tenderer and had more flavor. However, I should have known based on past experience that I wouldn’t get what I expect in a steak. It is very rare if I get a steak in California that meets my expectations.

Ice Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, Dessert, DinnerI ended the meal with my favorite dessert. Simply two scoops of vanilla Ice Cream.

We did have a great evening sharing a meal. The atmosphere was also very nice.

It was nice to share a meal together as most of us will be traveling tomorrow, but in different directions. I go west and they go east.



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