Looking Forward to Lachish

Today I made the final decision that I would be returning to Lachish again to dig for another two weeks.

Going on an archaeological dig had been one of my bucket list items and I really enjoyed the time that I spent at Lachish last year.

Gates of Lachish, Archaeology, Israel, City Gates, Ramp to GatesFinally today I was able to make sure that my schedule would be clear enough to take the trip. However, I will only be staying for the two weeks of the dig instead of staying for an extra week and touring through Israel.

Dig at Lachish, Last day, Lachish, Archaeology, SquareThis year I hope to be a bit more prepared. I need to start walking more and be in a little better shape than I was last year. I have to admit that I physically worked harder in the two weeks at the dig than I have in a very long time.

I also need to remember to take knee pads with me this year. We do a lot of kneeling in the square.

Dwarves, Hobbit, Archaeological Dig, Dig Team, Square SupervisorI also look forward to seeing people that were at the dig last year. In the picture above I am with Luke, who organized our trip, and Alla who was our square supervisor.

This year I will not have as long of a beard. Sean Connery, Indian Jones, Do you call this Archaeology?, Dig HatI am thinking that this will be how I will trim my beard for the dig. Now to find a hat like this to wear. It covers the ears without a big floppy brim 🙂 I don’t think that I am going to match the glasses though.

Light Dinner, Kedma Village, Evening meal, foodI am also looking forward to the Food at the Dig. The food both at the dig site and where we stay is good and healthy.

The combination of hard work and good diet last year resulted in about a ten pound loss over three weeks. It was probably more after two weeks as the third week I was not as active while touring sites from Dan to Beersheba.

Eating Watermelon, Watermelon Break, Archaeology, Lachish, Israel, DigI am also looking forward to watermelon break. This was one of my favorite times of the day. A slice of watermelon tastes so good after working hard in the heat.

Come and join us at Lachish, it is a great experience.



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