Wandering Soon

I will soon be Wandering Again. My next trip will take me to a place where I have not been for ten years.

2006 Winter Olympics - Turino - Italy - Milan Italy 2006 OlympicsTen years ago I was in Milan in February to teach a course. While there I had a chance to visit the area around the Duomo.

The Winter Olympics were being held in nearby Turino and Milan was full of tourists. In the picture above you see one of the athletes from Russia. As you can see it was a rainy day, but sometimes rainy days result in interesting pictures.

See my post: Winter Olympic Thoughts

Pigeons, Milan, Duomo, public squareI really like this picture of pigeons flying across the square in front of the Duomo.

I have always liked pictures with umbrellas in them, so this also makes it interesting.

I really like the patterns in the square.

Milan, Italy, Duomo, Square, PatternsHere is an overhead view of the square. Here you can really see the patterns.

I will be staying about four miles from the square and hope to visit it while I am there.

Milan Duomo 2006, RestorationThe main reason why I want to visit the square is to see the Duomo without a lot of scaffolding in front of it. Here is what it looked like ten years ago. I have seen pictures of the building after the restoration was completed and it is really beautiful.

I will probably not climb to the top of the Duomo this time, but will maybe share some pictures that I took during the last trip.

Sempione Park - Milan, Italy - Sculpture - Chairs in Concrete - Park Art - Milano ArtI would also like to visit Sempione Park where I took this interesting picture.

See my post Artistic Milan for more pictures from the park.

The park is a little closer to my hotel, but still about three miles away.

I am glad that our office is now closer to the center of Milan. It will make getting around much easier.




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  1. You’ll definitely achieve your steps quota – and then some!

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