Last Day at the Dig

Today was our last day at the dig. Our two weeks are up, but the dig continues for another four weeks.

We will be watching for more news about the dig over the next month as it continues.

The dig has been a great experience, but also very tiring. We worked very hard each day.

Dig at Lachish, Last day, Lachish, Archaeology, Square

Here is a picture of our square near the end of the day. It has changed a lot since we first started working in it two weeks ago. We have moved hundreds of buckets of dirt out of the square and removed a lot of stones.  Compare with: At the Dig

Gates of Lachish, Archaeology, Israel, City Gates, Ramp to Gates

Here is one last shot that I took of the new entrance ramp to Lachish. This shows both an older ramp and a reconstruction of what the ramp would look like at a later time.

Lachish Israel, City Gates, Tel Lachish, Archaeology

As we drove away from Lachish I took one last picture of the city gates. I hope to see them again someday.

We took a trip to Khirbet Qeiyafa this afternoon, but I will wait to share information about Khirbet Qeiyafa in a future post.

Dwarves, Hobbit, Archaeological Dig, Dig Team, Square Supervisor

At our last pottery washing Luke and I were able to take a picture with our square supervisor Alla.

We also found out that we had been referred to as the dwarves and hobbit square.

The wireless has not been very good where we are staying during the dig, but we should have better connections during the rest of our stay in Israel.

I will try and give more information about the dig over the next few weeks.


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5 Responses to Last Day at the Dig

  1. Dipu Siddiq says:

    Good luck on your good job. By the way, what’s your site’s name?

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