Hostess BASEBALL CupCakes

Last April I found some Hostess Baseballs.

Hostess Baseballs, Snack Cakes, CupCakes, Red SquiggleWhile at the grocery store on Tuesday night I ran across a display of Hostess products.

Hostess Cake Display, Grocery Store, Snack Cakes, Baseball CupCakesThe baseball themed cakes are back, but with a different name. You can also see another new product on the display that will get a review later.

Baseball, Cupcakes, Hostess, snack cakesThis year they are called Hostess BASEBALL CupCakes. You can see that they look the same as they did last year including the red squiggles.

Idividually Wrapped, Cupcakes, BaseballAs usual the CupCakes are individually wrapped.

Baseball Cupcakes, Hostess, snack cakes, limited editionThe cakes look pretty much like the picture, but the spacing of the loops in the squiggle are a little closer and are not curved like shown on the box.

However, you get the idea that it is now baseball season.

Baseball CupCake, Hostess, Snack Cake, Creme FillingOf course, I had to get the bit picture to see the creamy filling. It was a good tasting cake and it definitely reminds me of spring and baseball.

Hm, I am wondering if they received complaints about the name last year. Why change the name?



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