Hostess Baseballs

Hostess has released another seasonal snack cake. When I was at the grocery store this evening I noticed a few new types of CupCakes.

Strawberry Cupcakes, Golden Cupcakes, Baseballs, Snack Cakes, HostessOn the shelf were Golden CupCakes, Strawberry CupCakes and Baseballs.

Hostess Baseballs, Snack Cakes, CupCakes, Red SquiggleSince it is baseball season, I decided to pick up some Baseballs.

Don’t they look like baseballs?

Individually Wrapped Snack Cakes, Hostess, Baseball CupcakesEach of the Baseballs are individually wrapped.

Baseball Cupcake, Hostess, Squiggle StitchingInstead of one Original Squiggle you get two of them. The Squiggles don’t exactly look like stitching, but you get the idea.

Baseball Core, Creamy filling, Hostess Snack CakesThe core of this Baseball was really delicious with the creamy filling.

A nice little snack to have while watching your favorite team play.

For more Hostess CupCake seasonal varieties visit my previous posts Red Velvet CupCakes and Scary Cakes.





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6 Responses to Hostess Baseballs

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  5. Jo Ann Chatlosh says:

    How can I get the baseball cupcake?
    I have a grandson who is 10 yrs old asking for the baseball cakes I got him when they came out as a promotional
    My grandson plays baseball and loved them
    A grandmother on a mission
    Jo Ann Chatlosh

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